Where do I go from here?

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    Bemyself143posted 5 years ago

    I love to write down how I feel, so here goes. Please give me your thoughts. Have you been down on your luck?

    Where do I go from here?

    I woke up one morning and thought I had all that I needed.
    Had a job, two cars, a big house, a family, two cats and was never greedy.

    Walked around with my head in the clouds
    never really watched my back and was very proud

    In one second the separation between reality and the unreal mashed into one.

    My world no longer took that stable and once perfect form.

    I awakened to find a giant knife in my back and was forced into a life full of lack.

    The job, two cars my home existed no more.
    What the hell happened to my happy ending and happily ever after and forever more?

    The strength of my family now was being tested
    and I wasn�t sure how much more they could take
    and if they felt I was worth anything or now just a fake

    I saw no future, my independence had been stolen. I lived in constant fear and the chaos kept rolling.

    All kinds of lies were being built against me. I recognized myself no more. Why are they doing this to me?
    I don�t want to exist anymore.

    My pride my worst enemy
    and the darkness I now lived in.
    Day by day my faith wilted away.
    The roses I once admired are now just black shades and dead giveaways.

    What did I do to deserve this? I often said. Can I just go to sleep I don�t want to go through another day?

    I felt nothing, and became nothing. Just another sad lonely person destroyed by the world.
    Hypnotized by all the hype and supposed allure

    All of a sudden as tears rolled down my face,
    I heard the most familiar sounds
    they were like angels dispelling their loving grace
    and spreading over me their blanket of love.

    Are those my babies? They are laughing so loud. She sat up for the first time and watched her blessings all around.

    Mommy�s awake, she is getting up. The little ones said.

    They hopped on my bed, one by one. I never felt so much love.
    How could I have missed this
    all these blessings right in front.

    One foot, two feet my feet now touching the ground. The moment I realized I had lost nothing but baggage and people who didn't deserve me around.

    Where do I go from here? I still don�t quite know ,
    but my faith and love has grown ten fold

    It taught me that in life there is never ever a certain road.