Marketing in a cross promotion

  1. brianzen profile image61
    brianzenposted 5 years ago

    I actually was a long time hubpages writer and eventually opened my website to sell my books. Over time it became apparent that people working together in teams were having more luck get noticed and finding exposure. If you are a writer and wonder what I mean go look at the #WritersCross on twitter.

    Now the problem becomes covering enough platforms, between over 333 social media platforms all of the writers seem to be twitter people primarily so we hunt now for writers who make an impact on other platforms.

    My books are on amazon and createspace so sharing the links is easy enough but finding people to do so for as many authors as we have is challenging even with just 5-10 authors so who has any idea what might make it easier to find more people on more platforms with established followings who don't mind doing extra promo just to get extra promo?