Rural America

  1. gmwilliams profile image87
    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago
    What words come to mind when the word rural America is mentioned?   Name at least sixty words and explain why those words come to mind.

  2. Marie Flint profile image88
    Marie Flintposted 3 years ago

    Farm, farming, farmer,  agrarian, mountainous, spacious, sparse, clean, verdant, free, liberal, nature, natural, elemental, boondocks, village, small, Amish, country, horses, cattle, livestock, barns, farmhouses, granaries, silos, tractors, wagons, harvesters, plows, disks, cultivators, balers, outhouses, manure, tillable, soil, dirt, earth, dust, trucks, compost, gardens, forests, trees, woods, wild, huckleberries, pine, fir, evergreens, wintergreen, mushrooms, camping, tents, owls, killdeers, bob-o-links, orchards, canning, creeks, streams, cricks, crickets, peepers, straw, hay, corn, crops, wheat, oats, soy, hunting, wildlife, deer, skunks, opossums, squirrels, groundhogs, hedgehogs, gophers, chipmunks, snakes, fishing, grassy, cottage, Indians, chickens, rooster, sheep, goats, pigs, swine, dog, cats, ducks, ducklings, geese, trails, hiking.         

    These things come to mind because I grew up in a rural area and were items that were around me.