Writer's block. How can I make my plot more interesting?

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    Maddy Lawrenceposted 3 years ago


    I'm halfway through the first draft of my novel, and I'm having a horrible case of writer's block.

    How could I make my plot more interesting? This is the synopsis I have so far: A Lesbian couple goes to Spain for their third anniversary. Once there, the main girl becomes jealous when her girlfriend decides to spend time with another girl she's become acquainted with. Feeling hurt that her partner has been joining her, she runs off to another part of the city. (The main girl is bisexual) She meets a man at a night club. He kidnaps, and tortures her. Once the girlfriend finds out about this, she tries to find a way to get the main girl back. Even if that means traveling to multiple countries to find her.

    Is the plot even interesting at all? If not, what could I do to make it better? I can't seem to get out of this awful writer's block.

    Thanks for the help,

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      louise-barracoposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      It is a good start to your book, try writing the end before you write the middle of the book and see where it goes from there. If it flows and you like what you see then continue or you could let someone read the beginning of your book and see what they think about it and get feedback that way. But why not try writing the end first and see where that leads you, if you like it then try writing the middle and beginning, see how it flows and what the end result is.