Campfire Story

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    brutishspoonposted 3 years ago

    Creative Writing Fun. I'm going to start a story and each reply should continue it.

    It was a warm sunny day and Fern and the other dragons were flying about in the sky above the lake. Diving down to the water then swooping back up and circling round. Fern had flown off over the impassable mountains and off in a direction he had never flown before. They would never normally venture in to inhabited areas as they had had bad experiences in the past when they lived on earth. But Fern was very inquisitive and loved to explore. As Fern flew he spotted a village where people were moving about between buildings. As he approached he noticed a change in the behaviour of the people below.

    The people of Gerdan stopped what they were doing and looked up at the amazing sight above them. Some of them started running scared of what this newly appeared would do to them, others just stayed glued to the spot.

    Fern spread his wings wide and glided down, landing smoothly on top of the stone wall that protected the city. Closing his wings around his shimmering, scaled body he bowed his head.

    The crowd that had gathered by this time parted and a man dressed in brightly coloured clothes walked down the newly created aisle. With an air of authority in his steps he made his way towards the newly arrived creature. As he moved closer his steps became more tentative but he never showed any fear. Once he was a few feet from the wall he looked up taking in the magnificent site of the creature above him.

    ‘Do not be afraid Marhak of Gerdan. I will not hurt you or your people. I am fern.’

    ‘How do you know my name?’

    ‘Dragons have their ways.’ Fern replies standing up straight and opening out his wings to their full span.

    Marhak moved forward once again as if drawn to the dragon by an unknown force. Putting his hands on a ladder he climbed on to the wall.

    Folding his wings back against his body, Fern turned to face Marhak bowing his head once more.

    Slowly Marhak moved closer. Extending his arm he touched Fern’s cold scales. There was a flash of multicolour light, as bright as the two suns and Marhak stepped back in alarm.

    Looking on the villagers watched as their leader seemed to disappear behind the bright light. The guards aimed their bows ready to fire.

    ‘What just happened?’ Marhak asked Fern as the light faded and the tingling sensation that had been running through his body subsided.
    ‘When you touched me I passed a small amount of my power over to you.’
    Marhak saw his guards and gestured for them to lower their weapons. ‘I am OK Fern is our friend. Please extend the same courtesies to him as you do everyone else here.’
    ‘I vow to help protect you from your enemies and teach you things you never thought possible. Come with me Marhak, and I’ll show you the wonders of this world.’

    Another man pushed his way through the crowd. 'My brother, how can you say that thing is our friend? It is a monster.'
    'If he is a monster why did he not attack us?'
    'IT is probably just a distraction and an army of them is ready to attack us, waiting for just the right moment to strike.'
    'He is a bad one,' came a voice in Marhak's head. Looking round he cought Ferns eyes and for a moment thought the dragon winked at him.
    Marhak turns to his brother and says 'I don't care what you think brother, I am going with Fern and I want you gone when I get back, and anyone else that does not like my desision can go with him.' Anger showing in the tone of his voice.
    Turning back to the Dragon who was now laid down on the wall next to him, he steped closer and ran his hand down Ferns scaled body, this time there was no bright light, just a feeling of pure joy that ran through Marhak. Fern turned his head towards Marhak and took hold of him in his mouth.

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    Canita Proposted 3 years ago

    Swinging Marhak up behind his head.  He instructed him to use his knees to direct him, but under no circumstances must he hit on his scales.  For inside his body when his scales were hit they would.