Forever Indebted

  1. Dead Ink profile image60
    Dead Inkposted 3 years ago

    Within a thousand sunsets, beneath a thousand hues;
    Even in the blinding brightness it's still the perfect view.
    Another year has passed, though none have touched your face.
    Still suspended in hourglass in Father Times embrace.
    The most beautiful of all, yes the fairest in the land;
    Resting on a pedestal where no one else can stand.
    Trapped within your eyes where the galaxies collide,
    Mesmerized by the angel living under human guise.
    I cannot help but long for the nectar of your love,
    Longing for fragrance that is reminiscent of
    Outdoors in October on the beach and in the sand.
    Very often you remind me how truly blessed I am.
    Every day is a new beginning and I begin with thoughts of you.
    Your smile lights my morning and shines the whole day through.
    Our memories are engraved in the stars which hang above.
    Under them we dance as the angels envy our love.
    A lifetime of searching through all the sands of time,
    Now I stand fulfilled as I hold your hand in mine.
    Dreams always elude me but this one breaks the mold.
    Kryptonite to my demons, you've truly freed my soul.
    Always and forever my heart is yours to keep,
    Into my heart you've walked and have forever rescued me.
    With all this world offers, all it's highs and all it's lows;
    I promise our love is the truest your heart will ever know.
    Erick Forsythe
    October 16, 2014