1. Dead Ink profile image60
    Dead Inkposted 3 years ago

    We all have trouble, its just a part of life;
    Hanging by threads and searching for light.
    Yearning for happiness, to feel secure,
    I only want love but nothing is here.
    Seeing other couples, walking hand in hand;
    Loneliness engulfs me, defines that which I am.

    One day I want to find what seems so elusive.
    Vexations all I get, regardless what I give.
    Every morning, every night my mind is locked in prayer.
    Still the sun sets with no one to share my fears.
    Once again I lay my head in this cold and empty bed,
    Dying internally with these thoughts inside my head.

    A smoke a mirrors world, ready to deceive.
    My heart is but a pawn that wants to be a king.
    Never nearer to that goal no matter how I strive,
    How do I succeed when it feels my soul has died?
    Are my drams to be fulfilled or be always chased,
    Repeating all the years, the lifetime of waste?

    Do I not try to spread the laughter and smiles,
    To make others happy, comfort them in trials?
    Only just once would someone please save me?
    See that I am broken and on my hands and knees?
    Even in the sunlight the raindrops keep on falling.
    Even as I pen this I feel my dreams withdrawing.

    Erick Forsythe
    June 30, 2012