Black Blood

  1. Dead Ink profile image61
    Dead Inkposted 3 years ago

    You've seen the movies and read the books,
    But have no idea how the other side looks.
    You can stop the movie and walk away,
    Close the book or skip the page.
    For you they're only images and disappear.
    Your ignorant minds would not survive here.

    Every move, every breath catches an eye.
    You stay at full speed and expect to die.
    Trust is a weakness you cannot afford.
    You'll be the first to go when death knocks on the door.
    Silent screams are heard throughout the night,
    Unwelcomed reminders of a misplaced life.

    Some men will be broken, give into fear.
    Punks do what they must to survive in here.
    Your gods do not exist behind these prison walls.
    If a man is on his knees its not for God at all.
    We'll save ourselves with whats on hand,
    The blood of the black sheep instead of the lamb.

    If a soldier falls you pay it no mind.
    It could very easily be you next time.
    Learn from the lesson he obviously missed,
    When blade meets flesh it doesn't care who it is.
    There's no such thing as prison fame.
    The price on our heads is all the same.

    Erick Forsythe