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    Viji Amirthaposted 2 years ago

    The first thing that came to my mind when I started writing about friendship is that “Friendship is a body in which two souls dwell.” But these days it has been hard to find a friend. A person on whom you can completely rely on, a person on whom you can blindly trust, a person who is there to hold you even when you fall, a person who cries with you and also makes you laugh. Everyone has met such a person in their lives, someone whom you call “we are BFF(Best Friends Forever). But at times it’s the circumstances that change a BFF to stranger and a stranger becomes close one’s which we might have never thought of. Never let go of your friendship for something that is not worth of, instead pass through the something with your friend and make it halved. I would like to end with a cute poem how the time changes the moments to cherishing memories:
        Oh! Time I kept wishing that you stopped for me..
    Because as you stay the minute become magical moments...
    And as you move you change those magical moments to cherishing memories...
    Those memories which are now locked in the cage of my heart,
    Which I cherish everyday every moment and I will keep cherishing them...
    So rightly sung in a song: “double double hoti thi kabhi kabhi takliffe kisi ke sang me chalne se hui half se kam.”