Meanwhile, in another Universe...

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    God shetposted 2 years ago

    While PT was saving the world and fighting against the Biblical Satan that had escaped the CIA detention black site ~ PT's cellphone kept ringing inside his locked rented house, near the kitchen which has a window that lets one view the solar system, and the earth, as clearly as the Sydney opera-house.

    He was fighting, and fighting, then got tired, and fell, and was immediately killed by one satanic blow of a telepathic vibration. Meanwhile, in another Universe, PT's website lost connection to its servers, and the worldwide PT users smashed their foreheads against the walls, and kept crying that they have lost their data and pictures for ever.

    From the alternative Universe, however, PT telepathically communicated with his sick (viral fever) cat - and the cat pressed a switch near the window and a backup server service allowed worldwide PT users to communicate within themselves regarding their "Near Data Death Experiences" ~ which was eventually interrupted by an anti-PT user introducing the idea of "Drive Recovery softwares and services". PT was devastated. Satan had finally won the game.

    PT found that the best way to alleviate his grief would be to tour the stellar constellations nearby. He sat inside his truck, inserted the key, and fired the machine.

    The stars looked glossy, and made out of cheap plastic. PT became more disappointed. He wrote a review about this filthy tour as his 25th latest tweet. It surpassed Barack Obama in less than one hour. PT was delighted indeed.

    The servers resumed their full duties in this universe spreading PT's message. While grasping for fresh air (inside the macrocosm) on the edge of a hard disk pin ~ PT was still touring and writing reviews, meanwhile, in another Universe...

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    God shetposted 2 years ago

    ..what does this mean? big_smile