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We are interested in writing a book, the thing is we know very little about the

  1. Team Wiseman profile image81
    Team Wisemanposted 8 years ago

    We are interested in writing a book, the thing is we know very little about the best route to take. Could someone please write on this matter for the benefit of us all. Thanks

  2. Ladilin profile image48
    Ladilinposted 8 years ago

    Can anyone write a book - probably. Can anyone write a good book - possibly. But, the first thing you need is a subject and that subject should be something you are knowledgable about; i.e., family, where you live, etc. unless you want to do extensive research on a topic that touches your heart.

    There are thousands of books that teach one to write. A great place to find these books is by subscribing to 'Writer's Digest Book Club'. One of the most helpful books I've found is one called "Writer's Market" which lists thousands of places looking to publish a writer's words.  Of course, this is when you get to the publishing stage after your book has been written, re-written, edited and written again.

    'Writer's Digest Book Club' also offers a study course on writing where you are assigned a specific author, in sync with your interests, who will critique your work.  The book Club offers such titles as:  'The Art of Compelling Fiction', 'Scene & Structure', 'Beginnings, Middles & Ends', 'Discovering the Writer Within', 'Writing the Natural Way' - I could go on and on and every book is full of the kind of advice a writer would appreciate.

    A long process goes into writing a book. Most important is first getting the words on paper. That means diligently writing every day, even if it's just a paragraph or only a few lines, get your thoughts out there.  Don't worry about grammar or spelling.  That comes later at the re-write stage when you fine-tune your work.

    Getting started is probably the toughest thing to do; the second toughest being attracting an editor enough to want to publish your book.  Just hang in there if you start papering your walls with rejection slips. I don't think you'll find a writer out there that hasn't received one.

  3. Nadia Ribadu profile image60
    Nadia Ribaduposted 8 years ago

    It's important that you have SOME idea of what you want the subject of the book to be.  Will it be, say, about a deaf mute, a murderer, an adulterous affair, etc.?  Will it be a  novel, a book of poetry, romance, murder mystery, science fiction, nonfiction (such as a biography or how-to) etc.?  These are questions you must put to yourselves, as well as who your audience will be, i.e., the people whom you want reading your work.  You could also go to the reference section of a bookstore or public library, which will answer the question, "How to Write a Book."  Even if you google a similar question, you might come up with some ideas or guidance.

  4. shirleybill profile image55
    shirleybillposted 8 years ago

    One thing you will want to do is to compose your manuscript. If you are interested, then now is a good time to get started.
    A word document or typewriter is needed to get your manuscript into readable condition.
    Title page first, and the page numbering goes on the next page with #2.
    Read your manuscript when you are finshed. Does it sound alright? Now, go back and look it over again. Mark all the errors that you find, and then re-type the whole of it, or if using a word document - just fix the errors. The Word Correct does catch many errors, but not all of them, so you will need to physically read your manuscript and look for errors, including misspellings.

  5. profile image0
    blueraven6posted 8 years ago

    1. Can you tell a story? Do you like telling stories? I got started with my relatives, who tell stories non-stop; laughing the whole time.

    2. Pick something you love, and feel you must share.

    Go for it. Why stop now?