How can Hubpages help a writer whose work is not protected by copywright law?

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    umezuruike lynn eposted 8 years ago

    How can Hubpages help a writer whose work is not protected by copywright law?

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    little jimmyposted 8 years ago

    HubPages can be of a help to anyone who writes some original material, simply by giving a recording of the written material. If the true author is posted on a hub, and it can be shown the time and and or date, any copyright violation can be determined by who can show the earliest claim of the creation or authoring a printed article.

    Unless it is an article of immense value or importance, that would cause some one to attempt to violate the copyright (outside of a legal recorded copyright) you should not have to worry, because the courts usually will grant authorship to the one who can show the earliest claim to the article. However, it must be understood that for those articles that would have the higher value, there will be those who will try by devious means to make their claim of original authorship. If you have any by this means, unless you can have all things done legally and all is recorded properly, don't post it where others may try to steel it away from you.

    If I posted a none-essential poem, for example, someone may take and claim authorship and have it published or sold or entered in a contest. I may not even know that they have done so. If I was to ever find out that such has happened, I could claim suit against them if I can show by date some prior authorship than what they can produce. In this situation, HubPages could be of some value to you, because through them you can establish a time of your posting the material, or perhaps you may already have a means to show your true authorship.