Topics the literary world is ignoring

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    RGrafposted 8 years ago

    Topics the literary world is ignoring

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    cjv123posted 8 years ago

    The Christian industry. Christians buy things, when they find something they love, they spend great amounts of money. I.E. - "The Passion of the Christ." In the world of literature, the Christian reader isn't just "into" Amish love stories. Example - Ted Dekker and Robert Liparulo, Alton Gasky etc.. Female Christian readers may like Amish love stories in droves - but there are other niches out there and the publishing industry is ignoring this fact for some puzzling reason.

    When I buy and read Speculative Fiction (see Marcher Lord Press), and I buy a lot of it, I pass it on and I am finding that the person I pass it on to (with permission) passes it on and the next passes it on on and on as well -- and they are passing it to women! Female Christian readers love suspense, mystery, and the new Christian genre of the supernatural, sci-fi and even fantasy. Slowly the industry is picking up on this, but it's far too slowly. Especially given the fact I've now bought a Kindle and won't be passing these books on. Seriously though - the industry needs to give the Speculative writer more of a chance!