How can I improve my will power and make it stronger than it is now?

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  1. love4life profile image59
    love4lifeposted 9 years ago

    How can I improve my will power and make it stronger than it is now?

  2. Jewelimperfection profile image59
    Jewelimperfectionposted 9 years ago

    Your Willpower Is Something That Is Difficult To Improve On. Simply Putting Yourslef In Different Situations And Deciding On What YOU Want To Do, Not Everyone Else Wants Will Help. But Mainly Willpower Lies Within The Persons Pesonality Itself. Become More Confident In Yourself And It Should Follow.
    I Hope I Helped.

  3. profile image55
    Tarek Coachingposted 9 years ago

    One step at a time.

    First identify exactly how your will power is now and what is it that you want to change about it. Then identify how would you like it to be. Then sit down and write 20 suggestions on how you're going to improve it.

    Only you know the best suggestions because it's your will power. When you're done, pick the best suggestion out of the 20 and do something about it immediately. The more you stick to it, the more your confidence increases, the stronger will power you'll have.

    Hope it helps.


  4. martinecallaghan profile image72
    martinecallaghanposted 9 years ago

    First of all, stop beating yourself up about it. Strong willpower is the exception rather than the rule otherwise there would be no drunks, no addicts, no obese people etc...
    It depends what your particular problem is but there are several things you could do:
    - Learn to limit yourself.  For instance, if you are overeating/drinking/smoking don't buy or buy limited quantities.
    - Alter your environment.  This is a big one and usually the cause of lack of willpower.  If you spend your time in pubs, you will inevitably drink too much.  Try other venues of entertainment.
    - Change your life pattern.  Sometimes, it takes only a little tweaking to make a big difference.  Most smokers are addicted to the pattern of smoking, i.e. break + coffee = cigarette.  By removing all or part of the pattern, willpower re-establishes itself.
    - Learn to say "no" and choose your friends carefully.  If your willpower is weak you will be more easily influenced than average by your peers so it's very important not to frequent "toxic" friends who are using you to justify their own lack of willpower.  Join a new and more supportive group.
    - Focus on other things. Learn something new.
    - Think positive thoughts and pat yourself on the back every time you have shown greater willpower.
    - Make a list of what you want to achieve at the beginning of the day and stick to it.  It will give you a great sense of achievement.
    Finally, the occasional weakness is what makes us human!

  5. sggdwi profile image59
    sggdwiposted 9 years ago

    The most important and is the main starting from oneself. Reinforced determination and confidence, because without the determination and confidence will not survive long. Identify yourself carefully, think about the bad, and see other people as subjects.
    All people can be sure, Trust and self-confident.

  6. indamist profile image58
    indamistposted 9 years ago

    Just what is willpower really????  My feeling is that each of us has an inner strength that manifests itself when needed.  The problem is that most people choose to ignore that strength and allow weakness to control their decisions which is not a bad thing but something from which you can learn.  If you are determined to do something negative, it seems really easy because it requires immediate action without thinkning of the longterm consequences.  When it is lifechanging or altering in a positive, we tend to shy away from it because takes work and the results are not oftentimes immediate.  Willpower comes in and says, "you can do it" but then you start asking yourself how, when will I see results and soforth.  So my answer is to be patient with yourself, set a realistic goal, realize that time is involved and then let that willpower fortify you rather than make you question your own strength.


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