What is modern poetry.

  1. Rudy walsh profile image54
    Rudy walshposted 8 years ago

    What is modern poetry.

  2. PoeticLee profile image56
    PoeticLeeposted 8 years ago

    I believe that modern poetry is or could be of ones own current state of mind, in certain place of mind, or simply what is based on feelings of today, or maybe the affects of what is going on around the world today. Socially changing of the world and the way that it speaks or its use of language, and words is modern poetry.  Example: 50 years go an author would never have used in a poem the phrase 'capped down' as referred to as 'gunned down'. Moden mind, modern language, modern thoughts, and modern feelings or emotions is modern poetry, put together with modern words.

  3. mrpotavin profile image67
    mrpotavinposted 8 years ago

    One can not contemplate modern poetry without taking into account the change in medium. The ease with which anyone can "publish" poetry on the internet has definitely lowered the bar on what constitutes good poetry. While it is great that so many people are expressing an interest in poetry, I have also found that many people have taken the American Idol view towards any criticism to their writing. Regardless of what the judges say, they still think that their writing is great. I have been a member of various poetry sites where people are not looking to improve their craft, but only to get warm fuzzies from fellow site members. This has caused me no end of frustration as I am looking for a deeper analysis of my own writing, so I can improve and grow.
    We are at a time when almost anything that a person writes can be called poetry, if the author so desires. Modern poetry can be abstract complete with underscores and other various symbols and capitalization in any haphazard fashion or it can go to the extreme right following a strict iambic pentameter. The doors have been opened so wide that any dilluted string of words can be called poetry.
    Modern poetry is an amorphic thing and the true test happens in the future when our descendants look back and say, "This was the poetry of the 21st century." I only hope that we are not viewed as attention starved praise me hacks.