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Where did the poetry go?

  1. acskluzacek profile image60
    acskluzacekposted 4 years ago

    Where did the poetry go?

    Where does modern poetry find a home? Musical Lyrics or SLAM poetry? How much traditional poetry is in our modern world?

  2. JuliatheHawk profile image59
    JuliatheHawkposted 4 years ago

    Well first of all lets congratulate you on being a part of those few who actually redeem reading and poetry as a part of life. In this modern day in age I think poetry is reverting back words and is used more as an oral comunication, more of the audience relationship. But I do see more poetry in snippets. I see it there in movies and TV shows and newspaper articles referring to bits and pieces of life on multiple things. And I have to say it does make me happy it does make me feel like poetry isn't dead that in this fast and rapid lifestyle that we live today poetry can be seen as something as nostalgic but philosophical.I mean does having a poetry app on your phone really doesnit count ?  There is some sort of mystical connection when opening book and reading a line and it having some sort of transformative influence on you. I love poetry I wish more people would read it I wish kids would read it. I feel as if something is missing if I can't think of a line. Poetry gives me hope and inspiration and gives  me a little inisght inside somebody's world something you can get from a novel or a twitter account. Some things are so undervalued these days we're forgot so many things behind. I feel that this technology with the TVs and radios in the iPods, this technology is taking away some of our own creativity your own inspiration we can do anything with  technology that were letting the technology do things for souls. If somebody would just sit down and read Walt Whitman and not because it was in it number one top hit movie or TV show, because it would lead to something else to more reading more inspiration.I have faith that all good things they never really died. And so poetry is taking a hiatus but it will soon come back with a thousand times more vigor then we left it with.

  3. peeples profile image91
    peeplesposted 4 years ago

    I have loved poetry since I was around 7 and read a book of Edgar Allen Poe.  I think poetry will always have a place in the world. It also won't always be done in the old fashion way. To me it is all valuable. I have spent hours listening to Poetry SLAMS. Many of those hours I have been brought to tears, been filled with joy, felt amazement all by just hearing someone say their thoughts with meaning. To me that is the point of poetry, to actually feel it. So for me it doesn't matter if it's a SLAM I hear on Youtube or someone reciting their poem calmly and quietly at the coffee shop. They are all just as valuable.

  4. chef-de-jour profile image97
    chef-de-jourposted 4 years ago

    Good question, not so sure the answer is that simple!!  Musical lyrics are tricky - to me lyrics have to fit into musical notation, whereas pure poetry you might argue should contain it's own music within the syntax. SLAM poetry has its place as performance poetry no doubt and there's some good young performers out there. 

    You'll find cutting edge modern poetry all over the place - truly modern poetry is called Innovative poetry here in the UK - and young poets are gradually developing a very abstract new poetry, which is causing quite a stir amongst traditionalists! it's still in embryo form!
    Poetry festivals, city cafes, special readings and sponsored events are places you can listen to and appreciate live modern poetry.
    How much traditional poetry? Well, you mean the regular stuff, with rhymes and conventional form? That's in a healthy state I'd say although there is a debate going on now about how much online poetry has undermined the printed book market. For younger up and coming poets there has never been a better time to write poetry and get it published - self publishing, chapbooks and leaflets and what not can be produced in little time, relatively cheaply - but getting a deal with a major publisher of books is perhaps not so common as say 20-25 years ago?
    I read modern poetry and collect books - I even attempt to write it!! Where we need more poetry is perhaps in the classroom - but that's another question altogether!

    1. acskluzacek profile image60
      acskluzacekposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I know I write quite a bit of poetry online, and agree it's a great way to express youself but It's not even my real name on my poetry, just my username. But I will definitely try to look into innovative poetry. Hopefully it's called that in the US.