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Should poetry be sold or just heard?

  1. Zenobia J. profile image62
    Zenobia J.posted 8 years ago

    Should poetry be sold or just heard?

    Why does a book of poetry seem to go unread or the least book to be bought?Since we are in the midst of the reality era & performing art seems to be "it".  So, is poetry a dying art form on paper?

  2. retellect profile image72
    retellectposted 8 years ago

    I dont think so. It depends on the poet, if he/she wants to sell their work and it does sell - I don;t see what is wrong with it. As long as it does not go in the same direction as pop music!

  3. profile image0
    Jawa Lunkposted 8 years ago

    That all depends...are you a writer, or a starving artist?

    Financial compensation for work does not lessen the impact of the work.  We all have to eat.

  4. chrismarva profile image59
    chrismarvaposted 8 years ago

    Poetry still has a place in book stores, but it is a very hard sell. You have to be a writer and a performer. You have to enter poetry contests and win. Then get published in newspapers, magazines, read at coffee shops and keep a record of everything you do. Then maybe, just maybe some publisher will look at your work. The only other option is to be famous for something else, and then people will want to read your poems regardless of the quality. As for posting online; there are so many people posting poetry now that the chances of finding a publisher on line are as near to zero as you can get.
    The only true test of a poets’ work are those poetry contests. If you place mid-range in then maybe all you need is practise, but remember very few of those contests are free. If they were free, they would have tens of thousands of entries every time.
    Posting is a good way to make friends with common interests, and to get options on the emotional expression within your writing. It’s fun but chances are you won’t learn anything. When it comes to the online world everyone is an expert. It would seem that even I appear to know what I’m talking about, but do I? You have no idea who I am.
    I have read some of your hubs and you seem to be a woman with a soul and I am glad to be a follower of yours. Chris

  5. everything I am profile image54
    everything I amposted 8 years ago

    maybe it can be used more as a resource or a tool for helping to engage in other performance acivities smile If thats the way the world is going, EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!! Anyone wanna use mine for anything????