whats the poem acrostic for janina

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    loimy mananguposted 8 years ago

    whats the poem acrostic for janina

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    Ginger Meowposted 7 years ago

    I'd say that there is no defined answer for this and it would vary based on the creative talent of the writer. For example you could have:

    Jesting in the sun,
    And dancing just for fun,
    Next she'll peform a cartwheel,
    In the glorious day,
    Now we know why we love her,
    And why she's born to play!


    or you could have the more traditional acrostic poem:

    J is for joy, thats what you bring to us,
    A is for awesome, and what you mean to us,
    N is for noble, your a clever girl,
    I is for icing, cause you are so sweet,
    N is for natural, your beauty you can see,
    A is for always, your the love of me!