Where should I post?

  1. Thorn058 profile image80
    Thorn058posted 7 years ago

    Where should I post?

    I am a little confused by groupings here. If I have written a sci-fi or fantasy story is it better to post a hub here in the book section or under the writing tab and subcategory for creative writing? Does it matter? Is it entirely dependent on what type of  interest I want in my work?

  2. Tranita profile image61
    Tranitaposted 7 years ago

    Usually if you select books & Writing then the next tab will have books or short stories and then it will bring you to the genre of your writing. Personally to get more reads I think you should put it under books & Writing because it being so broad will help you because poeple wont have to search such a narrow catagory to find it.