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If you write serial fiction for HubPages, do you intend to get that published? I

  1. Roman Trend profile image60
    Roman Trendposted 7 years ago

    If you write serial fiction for HubPages, do you intend to get that published? If not, then why not?

    I have noticed that some serial fiction writers on HubPages are trying to get their work commercially published, others not. I wonder what makes the difference.

  2. ACSutliff profile image78
    ACSutliffposted 7 years ago

    Roman Trend,

    Great question! I think the biggest deciding factor in a hubber's dreams for serial fiction revolve around the experience of the writer.  In other words, how long has the writer been writing and how much does the writer know about getting published. I can't speak for anyone else, though, so this is my take on getting published....

    I publish on Hubpages because it motivates me to write, which will make me a better writer. The more a writer writes, the better the writer gets! I know I must continue to improve if I ever want to find an agent. And right now, I'm writing a novel, so it gets published on HubPages as a serial hub. My dream is to entertain people with my writing, and I can do that on Hubpages today, right now.

    I'm no professional writer, but I take writing seriously. I'm also very realistic about it. Until I improve enough to take publishing seriously, I will enjoy entertaining people while improving in my writing here on HubPages. Right now, I don't want to get my serial published, because I have to focus on improving as a writer and finishing what I start. That doesn't mean I won't consider it down the line, when getting published becomes a practical goal for me.


  3. profile image0
    Website Examinerposted 7 years ago

    I do write serial fiction online, although it is merely an experiment into a small corner of my novel. It is my intention to get the completed novel published eventually.

  4. kaltopsyd profile image81
    kaltopsydposted 7 years ago

    I guess it depends entirely on the writer's main goal in life. Some of us do writing as a side or a hobby while others do it as a living - or in preparation for writing professionally. While, weather as a hobby or profession, we may all intend to have SOMETHING 'formally' published, the urgency of that desire is different for all of us. Some may do all that is in their power to get their work in print (or digital) NOW or SOON while others are still experimenting and trying to learn in the process.

    I intend to get some of my works published some day but not the things I publish on HP. The things published on HP is for the sole purpose of seeing whether or not people like the things I write, or seeing what they say about what I write. This is my experiment, my learning experience. So, when the time comes that I'm ready to publish a book (and it becomes my priority) I will be ready.

    Writing serial fiction on HP is also a challenge. It pushes you to write - sometimes even on a particular interval (e.g. every few days, once a month, etc...).

  5. Christopher Floyd profile image58
    Christopher Floydposted 7 years ago

    I haven't put much fiction up on Hubpages because once it's online most publishers consider it published. They want first rights to publish, which is impossible if the story is already out there for people to read.