How To Write Advertorial Copy

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    frogdroppingposted 7 years ago

    How To Write Advertorial Copy

    Some people don't understand what makes an objective piece. What are the principles behind writing like a pro?

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    chinemeremzposted 7 years ago

    Writing an advertorial that sells can be quite difficult if you don't how.

    For you to write an advert copy that people will read and want to take the desired action- then your copy needs to have this four ingredients which I call the four
    A-I-D-A as explained below.

    "ATTENTION" Yes  you have to first of all attract the attention of your prospect if you have any desire to convert him into a lead. For you to succeed in this- you'll require a powerful and arresting headline. Words like how to, discover, see etc will come useful. Make sure your headline spells action and urgency, as this will make your prospect click through to see what you've got.

    "INTEREST" you get your prospect interested when you've succeeded in grabbing his attention. Now for you to keep him interested you need to sell your offer. For you to do this you've got to make your prospect understand why he needs to patronize you. List out the benefits of your offer, remember you are not selling your offer to yourself but to your prospect. So avoid words that sounds selfish and conceited. list out the benefits of your offer in bullets or arrows. Give your prospect some concession that'll make him more interested and will want to patronize you.

    "DESIRE" When you get the interest of your prospect, make him desire. For you to achieve this, you've got to make your offer seem indispensable. You need to include testimonials, people think alike, this is so because when your prospect sees a testimonial of your product as evident by what another person who've patronized you says, it'll likely make him desire to get this offer so as to get the same treat and feel as the other guy who patronized your offer. 

    "ACTION" Without any action, then the three other ingredients are useless. And for you to get more conversion by way of action, you need to effectively combine the other three.
    First- get his attention via a good headline.
    Secondly- make him interested.
    Thirdly- make him desire.

    Lastly- compel him to take action.   
    These are the four ingredients needed to get a well prepared and top of the range advertorial recipe.