What is your opinion, Is it better to self publish or find a publisher and get a

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  1. Sundaymoments profile image61
    Sundaymomentsposted 13 years ago

    What is your opinion, Is it better to self publish or find a publisher and get a contract...

    Now days with modern technology as it is it has become easy for an author to self publish. However is it really worth the time that it takes to also self market? I have found that the old traditional way of finding a publisher and going through the traditional steps of submitting a query letter and locking a deal with them is more beneficial as well as financially rewarding than self publishing. What are your thoughts on this subject?


  2. profile image52
    shehanmjposted 13 years ago

    Self-Publishing means more profit for the artist. However, you have to be ready to do the leg work. Personally, I believe that the process of marketing and promotion is better left to professionals.

  3. lex123 profile image83
    lex123posted 13 years ago

    It will be always better if you can get a traditional publisher and contract. But at the same time it is very difficult also. Instead of wasting time in finding a publisher for a very long time, it is better to go for self-publishing.

  4. M. T. Dremer profile image82
    M. T. Dremerposted 13 years ago

    Everyone who has ever offered me advice has said "Don't self-publish". The most obvious reason is that it is much more work on your part; I'd rather have an agent and publishing company working with me than trying to figure it all out on my own. The other reason is that a lot of self-published stories I've seen are very poorly written and edited. Because of that, I would almost never consider purchasing a self-published book. Editors and publishing companies naturally filter out a lot of the poorly edited material and I'm more likely to buy from them because there is a higher chance I will enjoy the book, or at least not find spelling errors. If anyone else feels like me, self-published books have a disadvantage right out of the gate.

  5. wingedcentaur profile image64
    wingedcentaurposted 13 years ago

    In my humble, unlearned opinion, Sundaymoments, your first inclination is correct. It seems to me that there's nothing like a legitimate professional publishing house (staffed with professionals who screen manuscripts for a living) accepting something you have written for publication. There's nothing like having that kind of backing, which really signals that perhaps YOU have actually written something of high-grade, professional quality. You don't have to guess; you know it is good!

    Self publishing.... is.... well..... self publishing. You know what I mean? There's a publicly acknowledged desperate quality to it. Its like going to the senior high school prom with your cousin.

    However, in the interest of fairness it is important to acknowledge that some smashing successes started out by self publishing one or two of their first books. I believe John Grisham (the legal novel writer) sold his firts novel, "A Time to Kill" out of the trunk of his car. Look at him now!!

    But stil, if you have prospects of getting a contract with an honest to goodness publishing house, and you can let them handle all the administrative stuff for you.....

    Good Luck, if you're talking about yourself.

    Take care.

  6. profile image0
    msorenssonposted 13 years ago

    Self publish in order to experience the whole process of publishing. You will appreciate writing more, be compassionate to the people who are doing the work when you find a publisher and the self publishing is a lot faster, dependent only on your budget.
    Of course  a traditional publisher adds instant credibility to your work, a stamp of approval at least from one publishing house.

    My very best wishes to you whichever route you choose.

  7. Dennis AuBuchon profile image61
    Dennis AuBuchonposted 13 years ago

    I feel that self-publish is the way to go.  There is a variety of reasons I am making this statement. 

    1.  You have total control over your material.

    2.  Whether you self-publish or go traditional there is going to be a lot of work for you as the author.  It is the author that makes the success of his/her book.  Most traditional publishers have a budget and unless you are well known they will not usually expend the resources to make your book a success.

    3.  There are many great books by unknown writers who never get the chance through a traditional publisher and
    self-publishing offers that chance.  The options available today are enormous for new authors.

    4.  Self-publishing allows you as an author to know the whole publishing process and as such you are better for the experience.

    5.  The profits for a self-published author are more than going with a traditional publisher.  You have more control over the price you feel your book is worth taking into consideration any  books on similiar topics.

    6.  The self-published route basically uses the same technology as traditional publishers with the printing technology today which save the costs of maintaing an inventory which can be costly.

    7.  Self-published books never go out of print as with traditional publishers.  Your books are always available for purchase.

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