What memoirs have you read and would recommend?

  1. Karen Hoy profile image60
    Karen Hoyposted 7 years ago

    What memoirs have you read and would recommend?

    I'm very interested, personally and professionally, in memoirs, and wondered if anyone had memoirs they have particularly got a lot out of reading and would recommend?  Thank you!

  2. syancy s. profile image61
    syancy s.posted 7 years ago

    you can read any kind of books as long as you like the story.
    i like in the site  ..i would say that try to read the whitening tomato you will like it to maintain the healthier body and it will helps beautiful skin ..
    and reading kinds of books you can get many ideas ,thoughts,
    it depends the mood .. if sad try to read funny book to release stress...
    all i can say read what u want as long as you are comfortable ... that it helps yourself ...the goal is  ...happiness ,peace,love..

    live life with joy ..

    this what i share to you dear friend ..

  3. courtney8822 profile image57
    courtney8822posted 6 years ago

    You could check out my memoir, if your interested? It is almost complete smile I would appreciate it and return the favor, any feedback, good or bad would be greatly appreciated and seriously considered smile Thank you for your time.