Acrostic Name Poem for Girls- Letter I for Isabelle. It is her 80th birthday on

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    fczarneckiposted 7 years ago

    Acrostic Name Poem for Girls- Letter I for Isabelle.  It is her 80th birthday on February 25th. ...

    She lives in Alabama.  She has 4 grown children and has 7 grandchildren.  She is a widow.

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    Ginger Meowposted 7 years ago

    Hi fczarnecki, I have written two types of acrostic poem here for you. I hope you enjoy them and they are appropriate to your Isabelle!


    Isn't she amazing?
    She is so dear to us all,
    Alabama celebrates today,
    Birthday wishes from us all,
    Enjoying this day with her four children
    Lots of fun with her seven grandchildren,
    Let's all join together now,
    Ensuring Isabelle has a wonderful 80th birthday!


    I is for Inspirational, she motivates us with her heart,
    S is for Special, in our lives she is an important part,
    A is for Alabama, she love's this warmly state,
    B is for Birthday, she's 80 today, isn't that great!
    E is for Excited, the 25th of February we cheer,
    L is for Legacy, she remembers her husband dear,
    L is for Laughter, when she thinks of her grand children, seven,
    E is for Ecstatic, with her family here she thinks’ it's heaven!