Any one any tools for study a book?

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    Rocket148posted 7 years ago

    Any one any tools for study a book?

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    manumposted 7 years ago

    Two seconds before you open the front cover to the first page of the book, did you pass the title page and the publishers logo? Go back and check out the printing. Now turn to the first page. The system was failing dismal I sat wondering how to resurrect the machine into my bladder to remove the waste of my Coca Cola. Too many scientific values and I am unable to urinate. Until the book is finished - cover to cover - to the heart. Healing all wounds I finish the daily routine and turn to the table to reach for a chocolate biscuit. This is page two, and we know nothing more than how to reach out to the character I thought I might be. Tony the Trench builder. Now we are at the war and here I am in the night time eating chocolate biscuits provided by the war dollars. Do we spend all of them? Page four, do I need to go back and re-read anything. This book is so exciting I can afford to change my clothes and come back later. The trench guy does have no girlfriend. I do. So help everyone. Love is very important. I pick up my spade and start digging again. The infantry is ready to stand stock still while we wait, backed up by guns, for the enemy to provide us with food for thought. I hope this writer knows that we are all with you, thinking about the weather also. We are so committed to the future that we all think about the weather and this really readable book.

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    duffsmomposted 7 years ago

    The only good way to study a book is to read it cover to cover.  If you try and scan it, or try and only read bit and pieces, you will miss way too much--especially if it is a school assignment.