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What do you like more, searching a book or searching the internet for some infor

  1. kafsoa profile image72
    kafsoaposted 7 years ago

    What do you like more, searching a book or searching the internet for some information?

  2. Barley profile image59
    Barleyposted 7 years ago

    Both are the good source of information,But now a days its easy to Google and find information.So I like to search on internet for information.

  3. profile image0
    cariouweneelposted 7 years ago

    No contest. I'd Google it. I think the only book I use to search anything for these days is my Thesaurus, which does make me feel rather precocious. The only added benefit since I actually have to, you know, reach over and grab it from my bookshelf and everything.

  4. zanin profile image73
    zaninposted 7 years ago

    I prefer searching online as I have quicker access to more information. Also , online is less dusty than books!

  5. White Sapphire profile image55
    White Sapphireposted 7 years ago

    I prefer the internet because of its instant gratification.  Also it is very easy to google very specific information whereas with a book you can search the entire book and still not be able to find what you were looking for.

  6. wrhapsody profile image57
    wrhapsodyposted 7 years ago

    Internet. It is faster and you can access more information with less work. Not to say that I am lazy or even that I believe everything I read on the internet, but I do love the ease of a quick answer. Also, nowadays, you can even read books on the internet and use CTRL+F to find key words or phrases quickly in a long article. Ahhh, technology!