What do you think of when you write, and what thoughts do you work with?

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    Phaseusposted 6 years ago

    What do you think of when you write, and what thoughts do you work with?

    From one teen writer to another, all I have to say is to keep trying. No matter what others say, if writing is your hobby, keep trying. I can recommend you work details out of past experiences. Things such as the main character's feelings and yours should be closely alike because it makes them more detailed. It's hard to make a story if the character's feelings aren't elaborated on. Also, try to make the main character the same gender as you yourself. It's hard for a guy to play a girls character and vice-versa because most of them don't have the same feelings as the other. Also, do you draw?

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    Marcella Glennposted 6 years ago

    The focus should be what a writer is writing about, and thoughts should pertain to expanding on the writing idea.

    Hook The Reader

    How To Hook The Reader
    Writers must hook readers, and hold
    their attention until the last word
    has been appreciated.

    An inviting title is necessary. The
    title stops a potential reader by
    promising to reveal some truth,
    provide a shock, entertains,
    encourages an action, angers or

    Present the topic as if you're
    talking to a friend. A mixture of
    long and short sentences work best.

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