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What is your favorite hobby or passion?

  1. DreamsofLove96 profile image60
    DreamsofLove96posted 6 years ago

    What is your favorite hobby or passion?

  2. Debby Bruck profile image74
    Debby Bruckposted 6 years ago

    Hello DreamsofLove96
    Anyone following me on Hubpages knows that my passion is homeopathy, studying, talking, learning more and more about the remedies, the methods of practice, the cases and healing stories that provide hope for a fulfilling future overcoming obstacles and challenges in life.

    I even created a social network platform, Homeopathy World Community, for homeopaths to meet and share with each other and the world. I host a BlogTalkRadio show where I study the Organon of Medicine and talk about current health and medical news topics. I'm expanding the shows now to add many more sessions and guests to speak.

    The many opportunities to attend seminars, workshops, conferences, and webinars abound. Attending such sessions motivates me to want to learn even more about homeopathy and the many explorers in this field of medicine and research. Of course, I also like Hubpages, which provides a place to blog about my passions!

  3. powerofknowledge1 profile image57
    powerofknowledge1posted 6 years ago

    Travelling is my favorite hobby. I wish i will go for a world tour some day. Want to see the world through my eyes. And I am passionate about Latest Technologies.

  4. DreamsofLove96 profile image60
    DreamsofLove96posted 6 years ago

    kool hobbies, you guys!!!! my hobbies are, obviously enough (lol), animals and poetry.... but if i had to choose, i would choose who has always been there for me the most.... even though poetry is my voice, meaning the only way i am able to speak my mind, animals have been there. my knowledge is only about them. i feel like they know me and understand me... which is why i get all defensive when people talk about the "ugliest" dog in the world, thinking that it is a fact. its merely an opinion. i never judge by what we think we see; i judge what is hidden, which is why i never fall for the cute guys in school or anything like that. animals are amazing and their eyes speak the truth. their souls tell us who they are. most Catholics don't believe that animals have souls. i even heard my theology teacher saying "animals dont have the thought process to have a soul". okay, wolves can kill better than us, dolphins can paint, dogs can turn on a light with their mouths, dogs go towards something that we point to (just like a baby). although monkeys cant do the whole follow-where-they-point thing. the list can go on and on forever. animals, i believe, have souls. they also have a beloved heart and an intelligent mind. this is why i am more passionate about them.