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What is your favorite Stephen King novel? What is your favorite movie based on a

  1. emichael profile image78
    emichaelposted 6 years ago

    What is your favorite Stephen King novel? What is your favorite movie based on a Stephen King novel?

  2. YimmyP profile image85
    YimmyPposted 6 years ago

    Just really getting into Stephen King. So far it's 'The Shining' all the way around.

  3. jKorol profile image66
    jKorolposted 6 years ago

    My favorite book from Stephen King was "Cell" hands down. I'm an avid horror and mystery reader and he is one of my favorite authors. I have read almost all of his books, but none have really piqued my interest as much as "Cell". It's an amazing read and I encourage you to check it out yourself.

  4. mikielikie profile image66
    mikielikieposted 6 years ago

    Desperation wasn't too bad. Movie wise I think... maybe The Green Mile or Shawshank Redemption. I think those were made from some of his books right?? I know when I was a kid Cujo scared the lights out of me. Now I wonder why. Good question!

  5. mcrawford76 profile image84
    mcrawford76posted 6 years ago

    I've read almost all Stephen King books, and seen all the movies (even sometimes they come back, which was awful). And I would have to say that my favorite full length novel was The Stand. My favorite collection of short stories was Nightmares and Dreamscapes, and my favorite movie was either Shawshank, or The Shining.

  6. stestifie profile image74
    stestifieposted 6 years ago

    I have 3 favorites, but they're under his pseudonym Richard Bachman. AND one of them is more of a story in a collection. The Long Walk, Thinner, and The Dark Half. My favorite movie from one of his books is The Green Mile, but I could go either way, Shawshank Redemption was awesome too!
    Oh my goodness! Totally forgot about Under the Dome! Very very very good book, and newer than the others. I enjoyed it alot.

  7. profile image53
    Joshusposted 5 years ago

    I've read somewhere between 30 and 40 King/Bachman books and to choose a favorite among them is difficult for me. I got started reading King with the Dark Tower series which really changed the way I view literature in general. The seven books that comprised that epic tale followed a group of individuals that felt as if they were jumping off of the pages after a while. I was so transfixed by the series that I started to see some of the mythology and lore the book muses over in my real life! I believe that King very nearly brought his imagination to life through the Dark Tower in the way his character from 'The Dark Half', Thad Beaumont, brought George Stark to life. Moreover, he wove nearly all of his other books characters and worlds into the fabric of the Dark Tower heptalogy.