Ebooks if I wanted to offer one how would I do it?

  1. mommystayhome profile image61
    mommystayhomeposted 6 years ago

    Ebooks if I wanted to offer one how would I do it?

    I want to offer a free ebook. Any ideal on how to do it.  Do I need to write one or are the others ways to get one?

  2. Jessi10 profile image77
    Jessi10posted 6 years ago

    You can do one of two things:
    Affiliate: Which is where you offer OR sell someone else's books or ebooks. OR you can write one yourself and as a form of promotion, you can offer 10 free ebooks before you start to sell them.
    I highly suggest you write a book, and then sell it, because that way, after you finish giving away the books as part of market, then you can start making money.

    Its what I did, and I made a good amount of money off of my first book!
    Good luck!

  3. Grime Remix profile image61
    Grime Remixposted 6 years ago

    To create an ebook you can go this route.  First select the images you want for your ebook.  That tends to save time during the writing process.  Now write out everything into a word document.  Format the document so it's professional in appearance.  For examples simple download a free ebook and notice how they wrote it.  Next transfer the word document into a pdf.  Ebooks are basically pdfs.  You can publish it as a product via services like lulu or do it yourself.  I use adobe.com  monthly pdf subscription service.