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How do you get inspired to write poems?

  1. radhikasree profile image62
    radhikasreeposted 6 years ago

    How do you get inspired to write poems?

  2. dinkan53 profile image78
    dinkan53posted 6 years ago

    I think it depends upon the people and one thing essential is talent to write. Life is a great example for inspiration, let life inspire you. You have to look around your surroundings very carefully and not just passing by. According to me Start by writing about what you know and then slowly getting inspired will be easy once you know how!

  3. jpaulghetto63 profile image58
    jpaulghetto63posted 6 years ago

    I write about romance and nature.  I am at my best when I have a muse.  My most prolific poetry writng has occurred when it was directed at a specific woman.  I also experiment with haiku with my muse as an object within nature.

    I'm pretty rotten when it comes to relationships, and as a lover, so I have a  preoccupation with love and the notion of love.

  4. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    It tends to go in spurts for me. I might go months without writing a poem.  But as I mentioned when answering another question, a line will come to me.  I sit down, open up WORD and put the line in and it starts to flow - often I don't know what it will be about until I sit down.

    My poetry is usually dark and I use it as a release for tension or frustration that I feel in everyday life even though the subject matter is different than what I personally am experiencing.

  5. heraldolexime profile image60
    heraldoleximeposted 6 years ago


    Writing Poetry is an expression of thoughts, feelings, observations and reflection.
    Whether its love, passion, nature, sorrows and sadness, hate. All can in fact inspire one to write and express. A reaction to sadness for instance, dependant on how you react can in fact be used to express that feeling in a poetic manner.
    Instead of depression, one may express in a positive thoughts on how they have overcome such feelings, a love gain or lost can also be express in a poetic way. Therefore giving way to an inspiration that all that read the writing can either be inspired or puzzled

  6. savanahl profile image70
    savanahlposted 6 years ago

    Poets tend to be very emotional people and can draw inspiration from their own feelings. Another great inspiration is nature and the simplicity of life. If all else fails use writing prompts to help jump start a poem.