How do you select a non deplume that is required when submitting stories etc for

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    Sabdullaposted 6 years ago

    How do you select a non deplume that is required when submitting stories etc for publication?

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    lone77starposted 6 years ago

    Typically, you can use your name, unless it is painfully common.

    A friend of mine is named John Jones. When he sent a story into Analog SF magazine in the 60's, the editor told him that the story was better than most, but that the pen name was unacceptable. My friend chose a name from something which interested him -- a district in Scandinavia, because he loved the culture and its history.

    These days, such a concern is far less important. Hollywood actors were asked to change their stage names back in the Golden Age of the silver screen, but today a great many actors use their uniquely different real names.

    My fiction pen name is Carl Martin. This name is quite common, because the surname is very common, but I'm happy with it. I co-authored a novel with John Dalmas in the 80's. Then my Dad co-authored a novel with John Dalmas a few years later using Rod Martin as his pen name. For my non-fiction work, I'm using Rod Martin, Jr.

    But if you like a particular subject, you might find something within that subject that could make a classy non de plume -- like Ender Kenobi, two names combined from two different, very popular stories in science fiction. The possibilities are limitless.

    Choosing a pen name that isn't your real name offers greater flexibility and can be more appealing to some. You might even take your real name and alter it somewhat. The end result should keep in mind the images the name will elicit. Before committing yourself to a name, ask others what the name means to them to ensure no unsavory meanings are attached to it.

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    Xenonlitposted 6 years ago

    I choose a full name that shows a serious and professional nature. My favorite is a compilation of family names. I use a middle initial, too. It just seems to add more of a professional element.

    At other sites, I use Xenonlit to symbolize that I write as I wish, especially when the site is a blog site that will not be good for a professional reference.

    Most times, I keep my real name as far away from it all as I can for safety on the web.