Which is the best art drawing book you have ever read that was useful?

  1. Wayne Tully profile image75
    Wayne Tullyposted 6 years ago

    Which is the best art drawing book you have ever read that was useful?

    I own many art books and books that show you how to draw different things, but do you have a favorite that really was useful for your own drawing skills and actually helped you be a better artist?

  2. Verobison3 profile image37
    Verobison3posted 6 years ago

    no I dont have a favorite drawing book. But I own lots of astrology, "spell books", and fantasy books. They all have some interesting pictures in them but none that teaches you how to draw.

  3. Teylina profile image60
    Teylinaposted 6 years ago

    Since both my parents were professional artists, I've seen my share of these, no longer needed by the time I was old enough to know what they were! Alas, my talent at painting/drawing are extremely limited (but I've enjoyed trying, and THEY made a living at it and encouraged whatever I could do!). My mother's portraits are/were awesome, and even commissioned by highly-ranked people overseas. With her death last year, we sold almost all his/her art books, supplies, etc., of the type you speak to budding (and already blossemed) artists. a large but soft-print book on the drawing of the human body was too awesome to let go. Excellent in its presentation. I kept it, remembering using it. It is now packed away, and I won't get it out until probably May. It's a very old she got while at the Chicago Art Institute in the '30's. It's easy to understand and follow it's directions. If I can possibly get to it soon, I'll share the title. So many of the new art books of that type just don't gell; they aren't "broken down" line by line. It was very simplistic, yet awesome (almost reverent) in stressing the importance of each line in humans. It so easy, yet glorious in pen and ink. And, yes, it did help me even! Such a great question. Will definitely follow! Thanks.