Based on what criteria do you rate a book you have read?

  1. lovebuglena profile image88
    lovebuglenaposted 6 years ago

    Based on what criteria do you rate a book you have read?

    When you rate a book you have read (based on 1-5 star rating, 5 being highest) what things do you look at?

    writing style/language?
    character development?
    how realistic is it?

  2. nutuba profile image59
    nutubaposted 6 years ago

    The book has to grip me. If I find that I can set it down easily, then I am probably done with it. The book that keeps me interested at midnight, at 1am, at 2am -- that's the book I want to read.

    Writing style / language and character development are probably the two most important things for me. Bad writing can destroy a brilliant plot, but exquisite writing can take a dull plot and make it delightful.

  3. urgurl_bri profile image82
    urgurl_briposted 6 years ago

    I rate it high simply if I like it and it keeps my attention.  If I pick up a book and start to read and end up not wanting to put it down, then that's a 5 in my book.  If I read it and it's okay but I can put it down and come back to it later with no problem, then it's probably only a 3 or so.   If I start to read and just can't get into it after a couple chapters and don't really even feel like reading it.. it's obviously a 1.  I guess if I'm wanting to keep reading and it keeps my attention, it probably has all of the things you mentioned in it, like a good plot, I like the genre (otherwise I wouldn't have chosen to read it), there's good character development, etc.