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Lena Kovadlo is a poet, songwriter, writer, and author with ten books under her belt: Pieces of Me (poetry), Soundtrack of My Life: Volume 1 (lyrics), Soundtrack of My Life: Volume 2 (lyrics), Diary of a Crush (poetry, lyrics, prose), Treasure (poetic tale), Melodies of the Heart (lyrics), A Crimson Tide (poetry), The Secret Life of Ashley Miles (a novel), An Unforgettble Journey (poetry, lyrics, prose), and Reflections of the Heart (poetry, lyrics).

She is also the editor of two poetry anthologies Voices of the World and Whispers in the Wind.

Lena loves to cook and share her culinary creations with the world. Check out her culinary blog at:

Some of the topics that Lena writes about on HubPages include food/recipes/cooking, books/authors, entertainment/celebrities, writing, poetry, health, music, travel, languages/learning, technology, and beauty...

Lena currently lives in Staten Island, New York but is originally from Minsk, Belarus.

She is passionate about writing, singing, dancing, and cooking. She is a creative individual and loves the creative arts and bringing new ideas to life. She enjoys reading, going to concerts, watching movies, music, traveling, site-seeing, hiking, sports and more.

Please check out her website: http://lovebuglena.webs.com

Direct storefront for Lena's books:

Writing is Lena's calling and she is thrilled to share it with the world!

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