What books do you recommend for someone who is interested in magick and paganism

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    Presbytier7posted 5 years ago

    What books do you recommend for someone who is interested in magick and paganism?

    I am a student of philosophy and religions and was curious as to the background of your Wicca and magick posts.

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    eapratteposted 5 years ago

    I think it depends on the person, what their interests are, what sort of perspective they are wanting, etc. Each person learns about magick and paganism for different reasons, wanting different things out of their studies. For instance, I am not Wiccan, but eclectic pagan. I don't practice magick the way Wicca defines/describes it. I don't really spellcast or cast circles. I prefer meditation, healthy living/holistic awareness (such as homeopathy), shadow-work/dream interpretation, prayer, learning and interpreting mythology/folklore as my main ways of understanding and utilizing magick. So, for all that, I recommend studying religious/spiritualities and their texts. I really like Taoism, for instance, which is a lot like paganism in that it promotes the balance within you and between you and the universe. I also like many Taoist approaches to meditation. Getting acquainted with other religions/spiritualities really allows you to know what makes paganism, paganism. I also recommend reading pre-Christian/ancient pagan mythos to get to better understand the roots of paganism. Wicca is a new pagan religion (neo-pagan) and so is a recent branch on the very old pagan tree. Plus, it is only one branch of it. So, studying only Wiccan texts won't really give you the most comprehensive understanding of paganism as a whole. Also, talk to a lot of people who claim to be pagan. That's the best way I think to realize we come in all sorts of flavors, and what those flavors are.
    Hope this helps!

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    amymarie_5posted 5 years ago

    True Magick by Amber K was the book that introduced me to Wicca and paganism. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about Magick.  Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Pratitioner by Scott Cunnungham is another favorite. Thanks and hope you enjoy these reads.