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What are words, Do they represent reality?

  1. will-be-expressed profile image61
    will-be-expressedposted 4 years ago

    What are words, Do they represent reality?

    What are words. Why do we think that they possess some magic in them.
    Do they really represent reality as well as we think they do?

  2. tylerunb14 profile image60
    tylerunb14posted 4 years ago

    Words to me are inherently dead symbols. They are representations of human expression in all forms. When we say a certain word, it is supposed to connect with us in a particular way to make us understand what other is saying and it does its job rather well. However, when we approach more intangible feelings or expressions words get a little more less real for me. For example, what do you understand when I say I am angry? You probably (very quickly) go through memories of anger, experiences of anger and then say "yes I understand" but this understanding is based on a purely subjective experience, so then, how can I be sure you understand? This kinds of philosophy of language questions are quite intriguing.

  3. barbat79 profile image75
    barbat79posted 4 years ago

    Words are ( in some ways my definition is like tylerunb14) a series of learned sounds to express a meaning.  Depending on which language used a word may behave in a different fashion than in another language.  For our purpose I am speaking about English, which is derived from many different languages.
    We write the words using a unique set of symbols which is a far development from cave paintings which told stories with pictures and some symbols.
    Words as a vocal expression are used to connect with others, convey a meaning and define a person place or thing.  Some words are descriptive while others are just a name for something.  Depending on its juxtaposition with other words, a word or group of symbols can take on an entirely different meaning.
    Vocalization of sets of sounds and tone of the sounds add meaning to the words.
    They represent our perception or perceived reality which is all anyone really has. 
    Remember reality is subjective.
    Words can be magical though I don't think they are magic themselves. What makes them magic is when a specific word is chosen and it precisely expresses the person place or thing, the listener gets a rounder more full idea or picture of what is taking place.  That is the lightbulb that goes off in someones head.  A completely understood expression.  This is the bond that people enjoy in the exchange of conversation and reading and writing!
    Words developed over so many years even during prehistoric times. 
    If you looked at a letter it is a hieroglyphic and each is vocalized when combined with other letters.  This is a highly complex and developed method of communication.  Here are my words on it!

  4. Abby Campbell profile image94
    Abby Campbellposted 4 years ago

    My answer won't be as fancy as the others. Words are merely 'communication.' Personally, they can be 'magic' especially if they make a light bulb go off in my mind and heart when it comes to the things of life, love, and spirituality. Other times, they are merely instructions. Sometimes, they are just entertainment.

    I'm more of a technical writer, and I try to keep my word expressions simple as research says that most Americans are on a sixth grade reading level. Other than simplicity, I try to be as transparent as possible by producing truthful messages about whatever I'm writing about. I believe we are a society that has been duped too much with propaganda, and we have learned to not trust too many. Most people can now decipher between dishonesty and honesty.