When choosing a book Title for a Manuscript what do you use?

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    Sundaymomentsposted 4 years ago

    When choosing a book Title for a Manuscript what do you use?

    Often times I hear fellow writers tell me that they do not pick there book title until the manuscript is completed. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to pick an eye catching book title?

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    Tusitala Tomposted 4 years ago

    I can understand the need for a title which attracts readers for this is what generally gets them to pick that book off the bookshop shelves or click on the Amazon titles list.   However, if you're a well known author this probably does not apply.  The author's fame is enough.  For example.  I am currently reading, for the seventh time a book by Ekhart Tolle called, A New Earth.  With that title, the book could deal with just about anything.

    With me, the book title usually comes to mind before I even start writing it.   But sometimes the title is amended slightly.  For example, I once wrote a book and called it 'The Way to Happiness' only to be told it might upset other people who already use this title for one of their programs.  So I changed it to 'Who Stole Your Happiness?'

    I'd like to be able to help you but my own successes are so slight that you could hardly use my titles as good examples.   Here are some of them:
    Searchtime Expired.  The Sealers.   Sailorboy Blue (all fiction) and Ghost Guidance and Automatic Writing, Where are you- me?   Finger in the Stream, Divine Dialogue, Inner Quest - Our Search for Happiness, and Mind Matters Most (all to do with self-knowledge)

    All those title were very meaningful to me but don't really grab - I realize that.
    There's a lot of competition out there. However, if your book really has the right messages and makes a sale or two, then word is likely to get around.
    Good luck.

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    sheilamyersposted 4 years ago

    Most of the time I use what is often referred to as a "working title". As soon as I start putting the ideas for a novel together in an outline, a title will pop into my mind so I write it down. This is not always the title on the final product because something in the plot may jump out at me and sound more intriguing.

    How to choose a title which is eye catching? Try to capture the plot or main subject in as few words as possible. One or two words can let a reader know what the book will be about before they even read the synopsis. Next, check book listing at places such as Amazon and make sure the title hasn't been used before. A unique title will prevent people confusing your book with any others in the same genre with the same title.