What quote about life inspired you the most?

  1. dailytop10 profile image94
    dailytop10posted 3 years ago

    What quote about life inspired you the most?

    Who shared it to you? At what point in your life did it helped you the most?


  2. fpherj48 profile image76
    fpherj48posted 3 years ago

    I can't go so far as to say that one quote about life has "inspired me the MOST."  I am fond of so many and they have all been intricate to inspiration in some way throughout my life.
    However, there is one that repeatedly comes to my mind.  "If you stand for nothing....you will fall for anything."   This particular quote of few words has been powerful in directing me to be true to my self, my ideals and my own common sense and intelligence..  I rarely accept and/or heartily BELIEVE the opinions or statements of others, without question, consideration, research and my own wisdom.
    I listen, weigh pros and cons, use logic and reality....and then determine what I accept or reject.

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    Dave36posted 3 years ago

    A very tough question indeed & i have got two, but their not really quotes more of a suggestion....One's by Bruce Lee & it's on philosophy, & it's the best way to live our lives without suffering....Basically it's all the Buddha's teachings in a nut shell, & it goes like this:
    "Be water my friend", which actually has a deep powerful meaning believe it or not, because i bet you was disappointed after the build up i gave it!lol
    Another one i live my life by, & my mind has accepted as a fact so it's quite easy for me to do is the following:
    It's by Alan Watts who was an English Philosopher, but who has since died.
    "You do not want to get into the ridiculous situation, of being a dog wagged by it's tale", again another suggestion with a deep powerful meaning.