Harry Potter fans! : Did Shape care about Harry?

  1. the unnamed profile image56
    the unnamedposted 3 years ago

    Harry Potter fans! : Did Shape care about Harry?

    Did Severus Snape really care about Harry Potter or did he only do it for Lily Potter? I don't think he did, but I want to hear your opinion. Don't forget he hated James... and Sirius.


  2. mtbowser profile image71
    mtbowserposted 3 years ago

    Not terribly. He didn't hate Harry but his driving passion was clearly his love for Lily having been one of the few people to show him Kindness's his desire to avenge her death, and his duty to see done what she would have wanted (Keeping Harry safe). He could not help to see parallels to things he disliked about James in Harry, naturally, so in spite of himself he does take that old jealousy out on Harry from time to time. Overall I believe he worked towards Harry's best interests which may have often run at odds with what a boy or teen might want to do or think is right, but more out of obligation than love.

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    CYong74posted 19 months ago

    I was rewatching the two Deathly Hallows movie last night, and Snape's death scene made me thought about this. I think Snape himself couldn't decide. He obviously loathed Harry, for who the boy is and because Harry resembled his dad. But he also saw Lily in Harry, and not just only the similar eyes.

    In the end I think Snape was terribly confused by it. It became a love-hate thing, which before his death, I think, became a conviction that he ultimately did the right thing to protect Harry.