How many of you have read Think and Grow Rich, and has the knowledge you gained

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    KBEvolveposted 3 years ago

    How many of you have read Think and Grow Rich, and has the knowledge you gained from it been useful?

    I ask that question because I've read the book about seven times now, and I will likely read it again before the year concludes. I also consistently notice references to it in other books that I read, so I'm curious about all the ways that people have applied the core concepts in their lives.

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    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    I've read it a few times. However I must confess I've never truly implemented the lessons or suggestions long-term and whole heartedly. Nevertheless I find it to (inspiring) in the sense that espouses the belief that one's way of thinking effects their outer life.
    When we change our thoughts our circumstances change.
    Mastering the ability to control one's thoughts when the media and everyone around is attempting to gain mindshare from you is a feat in itself. I've also observed in myself as well as others that very few people are willing to "put their all" into anything.
    As in eat, drink, and sleep their goal day and night. Most people will make half-hearted efforts and if they don't see any fruit from it they give up or move onto the next dream.
    All one needs to do is read several biographies of successful people and you'll see a reoccurring theme of overcoming rejection, obstacles, and failures that took place (before) they broke through. Very few of us utilize the "Mastermind group" technique or daily/nightly affirmations. Just like diets we'll try them for a short while and then go back to what is comfortable.
    It's been said Edison had 10,000 failures before finding the right filament for the light bulb, Coronel Sander's recipe was rejected over 1000 times before KFC was launched and Soichiro Honda's life story reads like a real life Horatio Alger story. Walt Disney went bankrupt and the list goes on and on.
    Awhile back I heard a motivational speaker say; "There is a major difference between having a dream and when the dream has you."
    I'm also a fan of Neville Goddard books especially;
    "Feeling is the Secret"

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    Ian Moonposted 3 years ago

    What do you want to be rich for buddy?, in my opinion only losers want to be rich..Real people would give excess money away asap, to someone who needs it more than them..Honestly buddy think about what you actually want in life before you start chasing money, or at least work out how much money you actually need to be content..Would a million do you or a billion, or would a few hundred quid a week do you?..Hobbies passions & interests you love doing are worth more than a billion, so don't get distracted by chasing money until you've found them..Then your'l find you didn't actually need to be rich, & just look at rich famous people their all miserable really..Think & grow & find contentment that's it, because content is what a rich person can never be. :-)