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What does "Charity Begins at Home" mean?

  1. Rafiq23 profile image88
    Rafiq23posted 2 years ago

    What does "Charity Begins at Home" mean?

    Please explain the meaning of "Charity begins at home."

  2. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago

    It means taking care yourself, your home, and family before you assist others. You want to make sure your children have food and clothes before attempting to feed and clothe the world's children.
    It also means you're in a better position to help others when your (needs) are taken care of.
    Just recently someone posted a question about how to advise their friend to stop doing irresponsible things. A woman gave a another woman who was living in shelter $500. She then turned  around asked her own family and friends to (loan her money) as she didn't have enough money to pay her rent or buy groceries for her own children!
    Naturally her friends and family consider her act of kindness to be irresponsible! Pay your rent first before you help others with theirs!

    1. Rafiq23 profile image88
      Rafiq23posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Great explanation, DashingScorpio. I agree with you. Thanks for your answer.

  3. keyenhancer profile image82
    keyenhancerposted 2 years ago

    I once heard on the radio that according to studies done on the psychology of those who are charitable. It came down to one major thing that they all had in common. They loved themselves first. Not in the selfish sense. They loved who they were, accepted who they were. Likewise, because they did love the person they were they sought to be a better person and bring change into their lives. One of the biggest ways to change for the better is to be a servant for those around us. To aid them in times of need, offer our time and resources to those who need it. That is of course a general concept. Not all people who are charitable love themselves and not everyone seeking to be better are charitable. But it certainly seems to be general case.

    But going forward: home is where the heart it. If we put our heart where the needs of others are then it only follows that we'll be charitable.

    1. Rafiq23 profile image88
      Rafiq23posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for your answer, Tracey.

  4. Marie Flint profile image89
    Marie Flintposted 2 years ago

    Any habit or value begins in the home because that's where the practice of social learning occurs first.

    I regard myself as a charitable person, although there were many instances of non-charitable actions in my natal family.

    Charity, by the way, is the divine complement of Archangel Chamuel. These spiritual beings serve God's third ray, the pink plume, which is greatest focused on Monday. Qualities of this ray are love, compassion, and a focus of the arts, such as classical music, literature, sculpture, and paintings.

    There must be a balance of charity with wisdom and action (God's will); otherwise, the function of the ray becomes atrophied. (Consequently, if there is an imbalance of any one of the three qualities, all become lessened.)

    I regard home as more of a feeling than a physical building or place. "Home" is the state of unconditional self acceptance. In a physical setting, it is where the day's energies are reset and re-calibrated.

    So, "charity begins in the home" is a truthful statement because you cannot be truly charitable when suffering a state of discontent. ~~~