Climate change what do you think?

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    piusrobinsonposted 2 years ago

    Climate change what do you think?

    the days are so same hot.

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    PeterStipposted 2 years ago

    Climate Change is an enormously underestimated threat. Forget terrorism. The chances that you're hit by a bomb is almost nil compared with car crashes if you live in the west.
    But climate change concerns all of us (the whole world).
    The sea level is rising,which means lots of countries will have to take expensive precautions to protect their land. (if they have the money to do so.) Massive draught and desert forming will cause wars over resources, which causes mass immigration which causes more stress on the population and wars.
    The eco system of the earth is a fragile thing. without an ozon layer ultraviolet radiation will harm DNA. When the warm ocean currents starts to follow different routes or stops it will have huge influences.
    It's clear that we have to do something to slow downs the effect of the climate change.
    The biggest cause of climate change is the cattle industry. The amount of water a cow needs to produce a hamburger is inefficient for food production. All the shit cows produce, the farts contain loads of methane. The waste products of cows contaminates thousands of acres of land. As well the constant deforestation for cattle feed is disastrous.
    So one thing we could do besides being concious about using the car is eating less meat. especially cow meat. It's crazy and unhealthy to eat everyday meat. Simply reduce it to 3 times a week or even better 0 times a week and you will help the world a lot.

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    Bills Placeposted 2 years ago

    According to Bill Nye, climate change is indirectly linked to terrorism because of the shortage of water in various locations such as Syeria.

    At this point, who knows what may or may not be caused by climate change, just in case use paper bags and recycle your cans...