Who loves David Mitchell?

  1. BLouw profile image86
    BLouwposted 22 months ago

    Who loves David Mitchell?

    Having ploughed through number9dream and now Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, I'm in two minds as to what I think of his work. Some of my friends fall in with the current belief that he is one of the best contemporary writers. I'm not so sure. What do you think?

  2. CYong74 profile image98
    CYong74posted 22 months ago

    His prose is easy and entertaining to read for his earlier works. But from Cloud Atlas onwards, I feel that he's aiming too hard for a literary prize. I.E. unnecessarily florid and verbose. Also, he's not exactly accurate in some of his portrayal and "facts" about Asia. Impression I got was that he's another James Clavell. Hiding his shallow(er) understanding behind the exoticism of the scene.