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    Ten Reasons to Buy a Property in France After Brexit

    4 years ago

    Why is it a good idea for Brits to buy property in France after Brexit? 10 good reasons why British people (or anyone) would consider buying a home and moving to France for a better and cheaper life.

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    The Lovers of Harry Selfridge

    7 years ago

    Harry Selfridge had many lovers Victoria Sackville, Gaby Deslys, Alice Delysia, Anna Pavlova, The Dolly Sisters, Syrie Barnardo Wellcome, (Syrie Maugham) Elinor Glyn , Isadora Duncan, Marcelle Rogez

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    Who Killed Cock Robin

    9 years ago

    Who Killed Cock Robin? This is a children's nursery rhyme that goes back to the 16th centrury. Nobody know what Who Killed Cock Robin really means. It is not very popular now as a book for children.

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    Famous Artists Paintings in Yellow

    5 years ago

    Yellow paintings are so cheerful, but who painted in yellow why did famous artists paint pictures in the colour yellow? What does yellow mean? Can yellow and other colors affect our emotions?

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    Miss Garnets Angel by Salley Vickers

    9 years ago

    Miss Garnet's Angel by Salley Vickers is the charming tale of a spinsterish woman and her trip to Venice where she finds her Guardian Angel, love and adventure in the picture of Tobias and the angel.

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    The Tailor of Gloucester by Beatrix Potter

    8 years ago

    One of the most charming tales by Beatrix Potter set at Christmas time, is the luxuriant story of The Tailor of Gloucester. Children and adults will love the beautiful language and illustrations.

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    My Favourite Fall Marrow Recipes

    7 years ago

    Vegetable marrow recipes for marrow jam, marrow cakes, marrow soup, marrow salads, vegetables, muffins - a recipe for marrow for ever occasion! Marrows are squash - over grown zucchini or courgettes.

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    Limousin Oak Barrels

    8 years ago

    Limousin is famous for oak woods which are harves

  • How to Make a Heat Pad in a Trice

    How to Make a Heat Pad in a Trice

    9 years ago

    How to make a heat pad with wheat or rice. Easy. Heat pads, or heat packs ease pain for muscle spasm, sprainss. Soothing, warm and cuddly a heat pad makes a great Christmas gifts or celebration gift.

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    Best Christmas Gifts for Artists

    8 years ago

    Thinking of Christmas gifts for artists? Find some inspired art gifts for the artist in your life. Art materials or painting materials spring to mind but what about a painting holiday in France?

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    All About Angels and Cherubs

    7 years ago

    What are Angels? What are Cherubs? (or cherubim plural of cherub ) Angels exist in Christian, muslim and Jewish beliefs, but what is an Angel? They are messengers from God and our guardian angels.

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    The Remarkable Creatures of Tracy Chevalier

    8 years ago

    The Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier is a fabulous read about two Victorial women fossil hunters, Mary Anning and Elizabeth Philpot. it takes place in Lyme Regis, UK and brings history to life.

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    How to Line a Cake Tin

    17 months ago

    You will need to know how to line a cake tin if you're making a fruit, Christmas cake or large celebration cakes. It's quick and easy and all you need to line the tin is baking paper and scissors.


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