What is the Use of Relative Pronouns in English Grammer?

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    Muneeb Khurramposted 9 months ago

    What is the Use of Relative Pronouns in English Grammer?

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    Katy Preenposted 9 months ago

    They are used when a noun is described using a phrase, rather than a single adjective.  An example:
    We could say "the black dog", which uses an adjective "black" to describe a noun "dog".
    We can also say "the dog which is black", to give the same meaning, but expressed in a different way.  In that case, we have the noun, "dog", described by an adjective clause "which is black".  Within that adjective clause, the relative pronoun is "which" - this one word links the two parts of the sentence together.

    Relative pronouns can also be used on their own, when we are selecting from a variety of things.  For example: "What cake would you like?" "Whichever one has the most chocolate sprinkles."
    Here the item being described / chosen is a cake, but we don't know which particular one it is.  We use "whichever" to indicate that we want the one that has a particular characteristic (extra sprinkles) in relation to the others.

    I recently wrote a hub on this; you can view it via my profile.  Hope this helps!