What are some things that always look beautiful,but can easily be destroyed?

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    iceywroteitposted 12 months ago

    What are some things that always look beautiful,but can easily be destroyed?

    Btw this is for a poem I'm writing so I'm looking for creative answers.

  2. Harishprasad profile image82
    Harishprasadposted 12 months ago

    Everything is perishable :  non living or living.All our prized poessessions are going to vanish sooner or later.We see beautiful flowers that are going to wilt in a few days. Whatever enchanting dreams we relish in our deep sleep are going to lapse the moment we're awake. We scribble so many lovely words, are they going to last forever ? No,even we ourselves will forget them and begin exploring newer vistas. My friend, till we are alive , the reality that is throbbing before us is the real thing that is most beautiful, most spectacular , and most fascinating phenomenon on earth ! If only we give heed to this, we will be blessed with the most expensive gift of always experiencing happiness, no matter whatever circumstances in our life.

    We wear a wonderful dress , or we flock to a great picnic spot , are these beautiuful forever in our eyes ? Perhaps no, the moment we get to another venture, we witness some more breathtaking scenes.

    Yes,all mundane things we see daily, however beautiful they be, are going to vanish before our very eyes. So,our very beautiful existence is the real thing that we should cherish and at the same time, we should love all beings, santient or non-living alike. When we begin appreciating small things in our life, everything we come across will shine like diamonds before us. Then we will not hanker after beauty and weep for lovely things we lost, be they pearls or poems ! My friend, nothing is more precious than this our vibrating life force, so, go for it if you are eager to experience real bliss in you life.