How do you get new ideas for hubs?

  1. TaraSquirrel profile image75
    TaraSquirrelposted 9 months ago

    How do you get new ideas for hubs?

    I love to write, no question there, but I find myself dealing with writers block very often. I can't seem to find a subject that I have the will to research and write about?

    How is you process into creating new articles?

  2. RTalloni profile image88
    RTalloniposted 9 months ago

    Ideas are everywhere all the time.  There isn't enough time to do them all!  Perhaps reexamining your goals for your writing would help.  Being able to write for the love of it is huge.  Also, consider doing a wide range of reading on HP and otherwise.  Even if you are not interested in the topic, read hubs (and more) with the goal of gaining insight into finding your voice that just can't shut up.  smile  Finally, seek to write meaningfully about topics that will make a positive difference in people's lives.