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What inspires you to write?

  1. My Corner-est1989 profile image61
    My Corner-est1989posted 7 months ago

    What inspires you to write?

  2. rania rubab profile image67
    rania rubabposted 7 months ago

    beauty of nature and social issues inspires me to write.

  3. Ebower profile image82
    Ebowerposted 7 months ago

    I am inspired by music, nature, fashion, beauty, and anything I experience in my life. I find ideas everywhere!

  4. RTalloni profile image88
    RTalloniposted 7 months ago

    EVERYTHING.  Inspiration to write comes as a part of everything, every experience, every where.  I love to write about everything, but life gets in the way.  Recently, it's in the way big time.  Eventually I hope to catch up on the changes here, put old hubs in order and write loads of new ones since the ideas have been stacking up for so long. 

    One of my first hubs on southern stereotyping is still one of my favorites because there are several reasons it was fun to write and evidently it is still one of readers' favs.  I've enjoyed exercising some serious poetry skills and poetry for my grands and a few creative writing ventures.  Craft type projects from simple to major work are endless sources of ideas and I've enjoyed putting some into hubs. 

    Discussions on important issues and just for fun FYIs are part of the range.  Responding to comments and taking part in the answers/forums sections are all ways to exercise writing skills but it's easy to get caught up in a topic and let the skills slip.  I suppose I need to figure out how to do the niche writing but when I joined it was a free-range venue. 

    So now I'm going to take a look at what you are inspired to write about.

    Getting caught up on the up-to-date methodology will be some work but we are wrapping up a huge home improvement project and I'm looking forward to writing more again.  If I can get all the changes in my head and go about it correctly next year's writing on HP may be my most prolific.