Creating an Ideas folder but be green as well

  1. Womble profile image60
    Wombleposted 8 years ago

    OK, we all know that feeling when we have sat down, our brain feels like mush and nothing can fill that Word screen in front of you, yes, am I right, of course and it is horrible, whether or not you have a deadline except you feel you must be disciplined to sit down and do the job, writing. 

    Right, no reason to beat yourself up about it but help or rather self help is at hand. Of course every writer should carry around a notebook, it is the most essential tool of all. even the best colleges or at least creative writing correspondence courses tell you to do this. 

    Another solution to turn to is to create an ideas folder.  Now you can either do it on the computer but I do advise you also to keep a hard copy for obvious reasons.  With the best will in the world, you cannot legislate that nothing will happen to your computer which might make locating that file, impossible.

    Now I advocate a large ring binder folder - you will be quite surprised how quickly this can fill up. Obviously, you will probably have to de clutter and throw away anything that is no longer essential or useful but don't worry about that for the present.

    The next taxk is to find some dividers, even those flimsy plastic sleeves would do the job then you can label them as you see fit but make it attractive enough for your own use, split it up in twelve months of the year, January to December. Now you can either insert line pages or you can type out any current ideas and slip them into the folder.  If you are fortunate to have access to a photocopier, comb through any magazines that have problem pages, take a photocopy of them and insert them in.  Remember they are a trigger.  You can either use that for both non fiction and fiction or you can have a separate one but believe me, it will become an indispensable tool for future reference.  If you see an interesting post card or even greetings card, slip them into another plastic sleeve.  In fact, get into the habit of collecting postcards and filing them to according categories, people, interneational, pets and animals, local and national.  This way you will have something to as an aide to memoire. I find large boxes that were used for storing pet food saches very useful for this if you run out of more orthodox containers.   Just think, you are being green as well, recycling earth's resources.

    Ask your firm if they are getting rid of large old folders and replacing them with a new batch, if you could buy them and donate to the firm's favourite charity. They will be helping you and you likewise.  Also if you can, use the backs of paper used for correspondence or other documents which have been printed on one side but no longer used. Strike through with a pen on the side used and print on the blank side or use it for photocopying.

    Just think you are not only helping yourself but the planet as well. Remember the old slogan, think locally, act globally!

  2. profile image0
    Crazdwriterposted 8 years ago

    intresting Womble but um...6 months here are no hubs? maybe you should make this into a hub instead of posting it here

  3. EFPotter profile image60
    EFPotterposted 8 years ago

    I agree with crazedwriter--this is definitely prime hub material!


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